Mobile Bulls Eye

Mobile Bulls Eye

INotous Bull's Eye. The next generation mobile information sharing platform.Bulls' eye rules engine uses applied mathematics algorithm's to simplify complexity of mobile content sharing, Analytics and Targeting.

A new dimension in

  • bullet Marketing Campaign

  • bullet Location Based Services and Marketing

  • bullet Mobile Analytics

  • bullet Behavioral Targeting

We can create and execute well designed marketing campaigns for clients and produce unprecedented results. Mobile analytics allows marketers to collect detail information about interactions on a mobile website, Applications etc. Those interactions provide the web analytics information systems with the information to track the consumer behavior, and activities. With the analytics that are extracted from the customer behavior during the visit to the store can help retailer to know every aspect of their customer’s behavior. Each and every customer who enters the store behaves according to their taste by tapping their interested NFC tags to know about the product.


Notous Bulls Eye can analyze where the mobile traffic coming from. REAL TIME REPORTING can analyze the consumers behavior, where they tapping and what they are viewing. These analytics can give you better analyzing data rather than usual marketing data which can be taken from customer by filling the forms, which is lethargic and cumbersome.


These usual old methods of marketing campaign will not give you pure results which will be of no use to us. As customer is engaged directly in this NOTOUS BULLS EYE product we can study the customer behavior and marketing strategies can be changed accordingly to improve sales and customers loyalty towards the company. Newly implemented marketing strategy can be analyzed with the real time reporting and come to conclusion about the newly implemented strategy.

Near field communications

User Action

User will tab NFC enabled mobile phone on NFC tag/QR Code placed on marketing campaigns. nTag can do following actions

Content sharing

  • bullet Open Website URL

  • bullet Open YouTube Video

  • bullet iTunes Link

  • bullet Plain Text

  • bullet Google Maps Location


  • bullet Get Coupon

  • bullet PayPal Buy Now Link

  • bullet Pay by Google wallet


  • bullet Twitter

  • bullet Facebook

  • bullet Linkedin

  • bullet Foursquare


  • bullet Call Phone Number

  • bullet Send SMS Message

  • bullet Send Email

Contact Sharing

  • bullet Contact Details (VCARD)

  • bullet Event (VCALENDAR)


  • bullet Wi-Fi Login (Android Only)

Our software product will be hosted in cloud. Clients will not host or deploy anything on their machines. They will use website for monitoring and updating Tags. All data will be stored and analyzed on Cloud data base. Web services for these data base selects and updates will be consumed from NFC mobile and Web pages for data base operations.